Why you need to add Namibia to the top of your Travel List in 2019

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My January’s have always brought me on some sort of adventure. Kicking off the new year with a vacation is like having a little piece of heaven and really sets up my year on a high note. Recently, I was reading Condé Nast’s 19 Places to go in 2019, and at the top of the list was Namibia. My heart jumped a bit when I read that, as I visited Namibia several years ago. It made so many memories flood back! I was reminiscing of all the beauty that was seen and of all the remarkable experiences I had while there. If you’re one of the countless people who put “Travel More” on their 2019 goals or resolutions list {As I did too}, listen up on why you need to add Namibia to the top of your list.

With its otherworldly landscapes, Namibia is like no place else on earth. Having deserts, coastlines, wetlands, and mountains, you can’t create a more iconic African landscape than Namibia. Where else can you drive down the highway with the ocean to your right and toppling sand dunes to your left? If you’re looking for an adventure of a lifetime, look no further.

coast up walvis bay with sand dunes, Namibia

Some of you are probably don’t even know where Namibia is or have never even heard of it. OR maybe you’ve only heard of it because Angelina Jolie built a school here and had her daughter Shiloh while visiting here. I was right there with you before I went a handful of years ago. While my visit isn’t recent, the reasons below still ring true. (I can’t even imagine all the new things there now!) It was one of my most remarkable trips and I can’t wait to go back there!

Here are my top reasons to visit Namibia ASAP:

Natural Beauty

I have seen some of the most breathtaking sunrises and sunsets in my life while visiting Namibia. Every day and every night it’s like a watercolor palette comes to life. The oranges, pinks, yellows all blend together in perfect harmony. You could honestly fill an entire memory card with photos of the sunrises and sunsets in Namibia.



If you’re more of a coastal person, head to Swakopmund, a picturesque sea town, which is about a 3-hour car ride from Windhoek. Set between the Atlantic Ocean and the Namib desert (the oldest desert on earth), Swakopmund is a launch pad for exploration, whether it be for the Skeleton Coast or the Namib desert. With heavy German influence, you almost feel like you are in a small German town on holiday. With a booming seafood scene, don’t miss out on some of the best oysters around. Make sure to check out the Jetty 1905, a Restaurant that “jets” out about 350 years into the ocean, where you can see dolphins swim by during your dinner.

Lastly, Namibia is actually considered one of the top stargazing destinations in the world. The natural beauty of Namibia continues with Sand dunes galore and the wildlife in Etosha.



Sand Dunes

After you’ve had enough of the salt and sea, take a quick drive up Walvis bay for some sandy goodness. Sand dunes come by the plenty here. I had the lucky opportunity to climb up the highest dune in Namibia. Dune 7 is measured at over 1,256 feet making it quite the workout. (Make sure to climb barefoot!) Making it to the top was one of the coolest feelings and the view wasn’t too shabby either. Another popular dune to visit is dune 45.

Sand dune 7, walvis bay, namibia, AfricaDune 7, largest sand dune, namibia, africaSand Dunes in namibia Africa

Exotic Wildlife

Giraffes, Rhinos, & Elephants, oh my! Namibia is one of the best places to watch wildlife in Southern Africa. Make a stop to Etosha National Park to experience a true safari and an out of the world stay. (Peep the notable places to stay below). In Etosha, you don’t go find the animals, it’s more so the animals come to you. With an abundance of watering holes, take a little break, sit down and wait. it won’t take long for a host of animals – rhinos, springboks, elephants, etc – to arrive for your viewing pleasure.

Watering hole in Etosha national Park, Namibia, Africa



Etosha national Park, Namibia, Africa

The History/Culture

For a sparsely populated country, Namibia has an impressively diverse population. There are multiple tribes that span the country. Also, If you didn’t know, Germany made some claims in Namibia, really shaping the country’s rich history. You will see the most heavily German influences in Swakopmund and Lüderitz as well as the capital city, Windhoek. There is still quite a bit of people of German descent living in Namibia and German is still a widely used language. This also means Namibian beer is brewed to the highest German standards.

Touring the country you will see many different people, who continue living with ancient traditions and lifestyles. The semi-nomadic Him are one of Namibia’s most iconic tribes.




notable things to do:

  • Desert Express from Windhoek to Swakopmund
  • Dune 7 or Dune 45
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Flying Tour
  • Sossusvlei
  • Kalahari Desert
  • Granite Hills, Spitzkoppe
  • Desert Rhino Camp

notable places to stay:

As I go on and on why Namibia is so great and you must visit here asap…you’re probably thinking how the heck can I afford this?! If you’re a budget traveler, you can easily do Namibia on $50 USD a day. While the flights to get you there may be a pretty penny, the exchange rate is in your favor once you get there! And, with immediate proximity to South Africa, you’re just a hop skip and a jump to Cape Town if that is on your bucket list too.

I hope I’ve inspired you a bit to even start Googling Nambia and hopefully add it to your list! If you have any questions, please reach out! I could talk your ear off about Namibia. 🙂



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