Hi! I’m Lizanne, born and raised in rural Minnesota, currently residing right outside Minneapolis, Minnesota.

When I’m not stuck in a cubicle on the reg, you can find me ordering a latte, catching a flight with my beau or family, or adventuring with my girlfriends.

I love exploring every part of a town or city, so keep your eye out for my next adventure. I am always on the hunt for those hidden gems and love to share them out to the world.

My goal here is to inspire and excite people. And no, I’m not a motivation speaker by any means! I just want to inspire you to adventure more. What does that mean?

I want to inspire you..

  • to try a new coffee shop in your neighborhood
  • to take a weekend getaway or day trip to see a new town or city
  • to try a new trend in cooking or fashion
  • to sign up for a new workout class that you’ve consider taking

I want to inspire you to do ALL.OF.THE.THINGS. Because ultimately, I believe taking adventures, big or small, lead to great happiness. And that is why I am here, sharing some of my favorite things with you.

If this resonates with you at all, I’d love to connect!