15 hours in Des Moines {East Village}


15 hours in Des Moines!

Yes, you read that right. 15 mere hours in Des Moines. It’s the perfect location to spend a quick night if you’re on the road to Omaha, as I was.

I know Iowa gets a bad rap (or maybe it’s only Minnesotans who say that) but lemme tell you! I woke up to explore Des Moines and was pleasantly surprised with this downtown area that I made my boyfriend stop on the back home too! There’s this quaint and quiet feel about Des Moines when we first arrived. Granted it was dark, 10pm, and on a Wednesday night, hehe. However, even the next morning, it still had this relaxed and quiet vibe to it.

Check below where we slept/ate/and drank!

Where to stay:

AC Hotel Des Moines

A minimalist and chic hotel, this place was perfectly posh for a quick night in town. Situated in the East Village it’s very close to shops, restaurants, and bars! They have a rooftop bar, buffet breakfast and floor to ceiling windows!

img_4456  img_4466

Where to eat/drink:

The Republic on Grand

Once we settled into our room, we need a drink STAT. Luckily, AC has a rooftop bar. We headed up a few floors to check out the Republic on Grand. It has it fun indoor/outdoor concept so we snagged a high top on the patio, overlooking the city lights.

They have a pretty exquisite cocktail menu, so make sure you indulge and try one! I snagged “The Traveler” ( how fitting, hehe) featuring vodka, Aronia berry, and a hint of Thyme.  and Eric chose the Hook & Ladder with Macallan 12 and smocked with hickory chips to finish off! (it’s a sight to see- if you’re a Macallan fan- this is a must try).

img_4452      img_4454

Scenic Route Bakery

Next Morning, I woke early to finish some work and walked across the street to Scenic Route Bakery. The shop is exactly like it’s name, Scenic Route. It has a small town, Midwest feel to it, and everyone was so friendly. The decor makes you feel like you are in a farmhouse kitchen. Repeat customers flooded in and out all morning and you could tell this was a hometown staple. Make sure to order their cinnamon roll. It is drool worthy!

After an hour or so, I headed back to do a quick change and get some shopping in. See more below!


The Continental

Before we headed out back on the road, we grabbed some bites and drinks at The Continental.  Grab a spot at the bar for a prime location. We nibbled on small plates and I had the watermelon mojito which was very refreshing! This place is worth a stop for a unique but delicious menu!

img_4487     img_4485img_4483


Horizon Line Coffee

On the way back, I need a java boost so we decided to make a quick detour through the Western Gateway neighborhood in downtown to Horizon Line Coffee. I cannot speak highly enough about this establishment. First off, their lattes are shaken, not stirred. This blew my mind and is a total GAME CHANGER. Never again do I wanted a stirred latte. Their shop is beautiful, minimalist and the staff was amazing. Even if you are just passing through PLEASE make a point to stop in here. Their mission is to create an experience around coffee; to let coffee be more than just your morning pick-me-up. it really shows through their shop!

img_4627                 Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 9.08.05 PM


Where to shop:

Matilda Muse//Aimee

This is an adorable shop that’s very boho inspired. Think free-spirited trends, lots of different textures and fresh plants everywhere. Walk right next store for their sister store, Aimee which is geared for a bit more of the glam trendsetter. You will be sure to find something unique to bring back home!

Mint L.A. Boutique

Head a few steps down the street to Mint. L.A. boutique. it’s cute, kitschy and decently priced. Think seasonal favorites and fun gifts!




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