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Grand View Lodge

If you’re looking to cure your cabin fever, head to Grand View Lodge for an epic winter escape! When January settles in and the true winter begins sometimes it’s hard to embrace it but one thing that cures my winter blues is always a little getaway. Because if you are a true Minnesotan, chances are you will embrace winter at LEAST once this year.When weather can be unpredictable, I like to keep my getaways around 2 hours so one of my most recommended locations to visit from the cities is the Brainerd Lakes area – more specifically Nisswa, because well, it’s a cute little town and is home to Grand View Lodge.

Location + Lodging

Just a few minutes off the main road, Grand View Lodge is one of my resorts in all of Minnesota. There is really something for EVERYONE for any time of year. The nice thing about Grand View is the multiple options of Lodging too! They have an array of cabins, cottages, homes, and lodge rooms on their main property as well as a brand new boutique hotel called the North, which is where we stayed! Off their main property, they also have townhomes, condos, and cabins on the golf course, neighboring beaches, and Lakes too! For me personally, I always love staying on the main property as it’s close to all the action! I have stayed in a lodge room, a small cabin, and recently, a modern hotel room at the North.

The North is a 60 room boutique-style hotel and I think it’s great for a weekend escape or even hosting events too! It has a cozy yet modern design, really pulling on the trendy Scandinavian design. Each room has spacious bathrooms, workspaces, and comfortable resting areas! On-site, there are 4 meeting/conference rooms, a bright and spacious open lobby with a grand fireplace, and Brew, which is their coffee, beer + wine, lounge! It was so convenient grabbing a latte on the way out for our daily adventures.


One thing that Grand View doesn’t lack is the AMENITIES! And with the season changes, there is never a lack of amenities and activities for each season. In the winter, you can look forward to ice rinks, winter bonfires, Horse-drawn carriage rides, Igloo dining, and more! I was able to experience all of those on my recent visit. Now since the property offers so much I figured I’d break it down for you!

Dining Options

Grand View offers several dining options and atmospheres to cater to you and your family.


One thing that Grand View has down is its activities. Each season they offer a plethora of indoor and outdoor activities. Check their website to peruse what they offer all year round but for now, I am going to focus on their winter activities! 

Additional Amenities

Surrounding Area

While you can jam-pack your time at Grand View alone, there are some fun places to explore in the nearby Brainerd Lakes area! Head out for a little brewery tour (make sure to have your designated driver along!), shop local, and fuel up with some amazing coffee too! See below for some of my favorite places while visiting Grand View Lodge. (Most of them are all within 5-10 minutes from the property!)  

If you want to take a little morning or afternoon trip to Brainerd (just a 20-30 min drive) check out my favorite things to do in Brainerd here! 


So needless to say, if you’re looking for a fun winter getaway, I highly recommend Grand View Lodge! 





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