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5 Reasons to Attend Camp Climb + My 5 Favorite Activities from the Weekend

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A couple weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend a female-only creative camp called Camp Climb. I learned about it through a friend and eventually started following this company on social media. I was instantly attracted the message they were sending out and continued to follow along with them for the next several months. My friend ended up registering for the weekend and asked me to go with. I was torn between going because I didn’t really consider myself an entrepreneur and didn’t have a solid “business.”

Fast forward 5 months and I signed up for Camp Climb on a whim, not even knowing what my “focus” was going to be. I just had a gut feeling that I should go and attend. Even though I went with a friend I still had pre-camp jitters and honestly, the first few hours I kept thinking – what the heck am I doing here?! I finally had a sense of calmness during the opening celebration happy hour when I was talking to just some amazing women while hearing their stories.

Now, while I could go on and on about the schedule for the weekend, I wanted to hone in on the 5 reasons why you should attend Camp Climb!

The Connections

Pre-camp I was talking some returning campers about their experience and everyone had a similar response to their time at Camp Climb: the connections they made were incredible. I met SO many women and I wish I had time to meet EVERYONE but really I left Camp Climb feeling like I connected with some truly amazing strong women. When I was chatting throughout the weekend I met people who have similar goals, similar fears, similar setbacks, and similar businesses. It was easy to connect and relate in a completely relaxed setting.

The Inspiration

Friday and Saturday of camp were filled with some amazing keynote speakers. Jessica Zweig, Kathleen Shannon, Erin Loechner, Natalie Franke, and Stacey Johnson were just some of the highlights. They dug into the importance of personal branding and how it can work for not only you but for your business as well. And they were funny as hell!

The Digital Detox

The camp schedule was filled to the brim so there was really no time to be on your phone, laptop, or anything. While I managed to snap a few pictures here and there, it was nice to disconnect and be fully present. However, having no service and lack of electricity at times helped a little too!

The Person Growth

Tacking on to the inspiration piece of this, I found myself really gaining some self-worth and self-confidence in such a short amount of time. The speakers and workshops made you dig in deep to yourself and figure out what you need to work on but also give you the tools you need to grow! I left with a completely different mindset and a lot more personal confidence!

The Acceptance

To round it all out, the last reason to go to Camp Climb is for the acceptance. Everyone meets you where you are and accepts you fully. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a business started, or a website, or even an idea. Everybody wants to learn about YOU and know what makes you tick. And THEN, they want to support you in any way they possibly can. Sounds pretty great, right?

Now you’re probably wondering though.. but what did you DO?! What was your favorite part? So bonus: Here are my top 5 favorite things from the weekend.


I hope you enjoyed getting a snippet of my time at Camp Climb. If you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a message or comment below!


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