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MN Getaway Series: WinterFest in Spicer

ice castle on green lake, spicer

Winter is definitely celebrated just as much as the esteemed summer in Minnesota. While most of the state would prefer sunshine and unfrozen lakes, there’s still plenty to do while the lakes are frozen over. Cue WinterFest in Spicer, MN.

Deemed “Spicer where it’s Nicer”, this town on Green Lake is a popular destination in the summer so one might wonder why the heck I’d want to visit in the winter? Besides the obvious answer of ice fishing (which I don’t do, ha!), Spicer kicks off their WinterFest every year right on Green Lake. Stretching over 4 weeks, it’s a good excuse to escape for the weekend, support small local businesses and adventure to explore somewhere new! Oh, and capture a fun picture by the Ice Castle, built from the clearest water in Green Lake.

Clocking in at just under 2 hours, it’s a relatively quick drive to Spicer. There are plenty of bars, shops, and restaurants in the area to make the weekend trip worthwhile. Take a peek at some notable Winterfest Activities below and some suggestions on what to do or where to go while you are in New London/Spicer!

Eat/Drink/Stay/Shop during WinterFest




Other Notable Places that we didn’t visit this time but have been before!

Winter Fest Schedule

Jan 25-27:

Feb 1-3

Feb 8-10


New London/Spicer is such a great weekend trip, especially if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. It doesn’t hurt to wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the frozen lake either. Let me know if you are planning on heading to this pretty little town by the lake!

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